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Sugomi Marketing Logo

Gi - Integrity

We maintain the highest standards of honesty and credibility by showing consistent and relentless commitment and effort to helping you achieve your wildest goals.

We take utmost accountability to consistently produce the best quality of work that always exceeds our client's expectations.


Jin - Compassion

There are so many freelancers and agencies out there that don't care about you and your brand.

They only try to do the minimal work possible while taking money from your wallet.

But we do things differently; we are passionate about getting to know our clients, as everyone has a unique and inspiring story. 

Makoto - Honesty

We believe that honesty and reliability are what define truthfulness.

Assuming a person's quality of work is high. Still, as each falsehood or broken promises start to accumulate, the worth of the person itself, despite their professionalism, decreases.

We aim to always be truthful in our communication with our clients so they will never question the authenticity of our words and promises.


Meiyo - Honour

We now live in a world where honor is often disregarded, and most people only work as a means to make money.

As for us, we set clear expectations and ensure a smooth conversation with our clients, all in a timely manner.

Their needs and interests are always treated with professionalism and care.

We respect our clients' privacy by maintaining confidentiality regarding their personal assets and information.

Chu (Chugi) - Loyalty

Loyalty has always been the core foundation of our team, as we believe it's a value engraved in someone's character.

Their competence can be taught, but loyalty cannot.

This is why we take our responsibilities and commitments seriously and maintain a laser-beamed focus to make you a well-respected authority in your niche.


Rei - Respect

Whether it is to talk with a customer, a friend, or even a stranger, there's nothing worst than being disrespectful.

Not only does it damage relationships, but it also hinders our productivity and success.

Whether it is with our team or with our clients, we do not tolerate any disrespectful behavior.

Yu (Yuuki) - Courage

We embrace challenges with determination and bravery to make bold decisions to help your brand stand out from your competitors.

But being courageous doesn't make us perfect, but we keep prevailing by testing what works better and what does not despite the possible hardships.


Our Core Values

At Sugomi Marketing, our core values are based on the Bushido method, which is based on the 7 virtues of an ancient Samurai code, also known as The Way of the Warrior. 

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