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Personal Branding & its importance for your Online Coaching/Consulting/Service business.

Updated: Aug 29

It's 2023, the world is changing rapidly, internet is a couple decades old, and doing business online isn't as easy as it once used to be. We are living in a "Post-Trust" era. People no longer trust random strangers online anymore. They're more cautious and skeptical than ever before. While this might sound like bad news to some, it's also an opportunity to do things differently and gain someone's trust, and once they do that - They're more than happy to pay you the premium you charge for your services. Effective lead generation through a strong brand is the lifeblood of any successful online coaching, consulting, or service business today. Building a personal brand and generating inbound leads is where you address and fix all the above problems. Now, don't get me wrong.. Outbound lead generation is definitely something that still works, but from my experience it works best and most effectively when you have systems in place that will generate you inbound leads ie. a strong brand. Today we will explore branding and inbound lead gen. and discover why it holds immense importance for your online coaching, consulting, or service business.

What Makes it Work?

At its core, the concept of a personal brand around the principle of attracting potential customers organically. Unlike outbound methods that involve cold calling or emails, branding focuses on creating valuable content and establishing a strong online presence to naturally draw in prospects who are actively seeking solutions to their problems. Hence these people have a much higher degree of interest in working with you. People like you for who you are.

The Buyers Journey

The buyers journey with regards to your personal brand has four key stages: Attraction, Authority Building, Call to Action & Profit. Let's dive into each one.


The first step is obviously to get found. That involves creating content that will resonate with the people you're trying to help. Short Form Video content works best when you create attractive shorts combined with content that your audience is searching for. Address their pains/concern and offer quick tips and solutions. A video short lets them know you exist.

Authority Building

Making one piece of content will not be enough (obviously) you'd need to make more short form video content across different platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok so your audience sees you and your brand more often, and will want to check your other social media. Once you've caught their attention, having longer form content on Youtube is a great way to further nurture them further and build authority and expertise.

Call to Action

Once your audience have consumed more of your content, whether that's written or in video form, they are more likely to do as you ask them to do, or follow the call to action. This could be something like joining a private telegram group, email newsletter or even booking a call for your services.

So always make sure you have a call to action in your content. You'll see one at the bottom of this blog post too.


Once you're seen as an authority figure, people trust you & they will buy anything that you sell them. Obviously, you are an expert at what you do, so your service is exceptional so you are able to deliver amazing results and continue having a great relationship with your customer with a great product. Look at Andrew Tate for example, like him or hate him - The guy understands marketing really well. He's built a strong personal brand. He got everywhere on social media, captured attention, retained it and when he came out with Hustler's University, there was a crazy influx of signups. HU does atleast $12M a month. As per our calculations. Coming back to you and your specific situation, you dont' need millions of views like Tate. Your audience is most likely very specific, so your content will do great even if you get only 5,000 views. Why? Because those are 5000 people who are interested in what you're talking about. That's enough to get inbound leads. If your business involves being on sales calls, they're going to be so easy and relatively objection free. Because they come onto your calls presold.

Key Benefits

Charging a Premium

Building a brand allows you to choose who you want to work with, and you can charge a premium for your services for your expertise as compared to your competiton. You no longer compete on price or be seen as a commodity. Clients that pay more also tend to get the best results.

Targeted Reach

Personal branding enables you to connect with individuals who are already interested in your niche. This targeted approach ensures that your efforts are focused on those who are more likely to convert, resulting in higher-quality leads and improved conversion rates.

Building Authority and Credibility

In the online coaching, consulting, or service industry, trust is paramount. By consistently sharing valuable insights and expertise through your content, you position yourself as an authority figure. This credibility not only attracts leads but also fosters long-term relationships built on trust.


Traditional outbound methods often come with high costs, both in terms of time and money. In contrast, inbound lead generation can be significantly more cost-effective. While it requires an investment in content creation and marketing efforts, the returns can be substantial over time. For example a building your Youtube channel or your email list is like building a business asset. A Youtube video can practically stay on forever and generate you inbound leads for years to come.

Nurturing Long-Term Relationships

Personal Branding strategies focus on nurturing leads over time, ensuring that they receive relevant information and support throughout their decision-making process. This nurturing approach fosters stronger, more meaningful relationships with clients, leading to increased customer retention and loyalty.

Adaptability and Scalability

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and inbound strategies allow you to adapt to changes quickly. Whether it's adjusting your content strategy or leveraging new social media platforms, inbound lead generation provides the flexibility needed to stay ahead of trends.

Embracing the Buyer's Journey

Building your brand & generating Inbound lead generation aligns with the modern buyer's journey, which often involves extensive research and consideration. By providing valuable content at each stage of the journey, you guide prospects from awareness to consideration and ultimately conversion.


Generating Inbound leads with a your personal brand is a powerful approach that can revolutionize the way you attract and convert clients for your online business. By focusing on providing value, building trust, and nurturing relationships, you can create a steady stream of high-quality leads who are genuinely interested in what you offer. If you're looking for help with building out your personal brand so that you can scale your business profitably & generating inbound leads on autopilot, schedule a call with us here.

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